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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Gear Review: Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler


If you know anything about the premium cooling market, you probably already know that Yeti has been the leader in that category for quite some time now. Sure, the Austin-based company has seen some compelling rivals get to the scene in recent years, but it remains the most recognizable brand of space. Part of this is due to intelligent marketing, and some are due to their exceptional product line, which continues to grow and grow to meet the needs of consumers. Such is the case with its newest product, the Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler, which offers everything we expect in terms of durability and performance, while greatly improving mobility.

Yeti Roadie 48
Photo credit: Kraig Becker

Robust construction

One of the design qualities of Yeti’s signature has always been the robust construction of its refrigerators. In the first years of the company, he showed that the durability when shooting a video of a very large grizzly bear that mauling one of his Tundra refrigerators. It was an effective announcement, to say the least.

That same high quality construction exists today across the Yeti product line. In fact, the company is still known for its over-motor approach to everything it builds. That includes the new Roadie 48, which is hard and reliable as you would expect. From its robust rotomoulding casing to the hinges used on the lid to the tie points integrated in its design, Roadie 48 feels that it can take all the punishment that can be wasted and survive by frying a scratch.

Yeti Roadie 48
Photo credit: Yeti

The Go-Anywhere Yeti

What is different about the Yeti Roadie 48 is that, unlike most other coolers on the Yeti line, it comes with a set of built-in wheels. Essentially, the company has taken the design of its popularity Roadie 24 model, folded in size, and makes it easier to move around. A telescopic handle slides from the top and provides the perfect balance point to pull the Roadie off rough terrain, even when it is completely loaded. This saves taking a heavy refrigerator to the campsite, something that is not always easy.

As you would expect from Yeti, Roadie 48 wheels are designed to be as durable as the rest of the refrigerator. They are built from a solid material that prevents them from always going flat, allowing tires to surround in a surprisingly smooth way. The robust handle also plays an important role in this, giving the person who pulls the Roaide a lot of confidence that the refrigerator will survive no matter where it goes.

Yeti Roadie 48
Photo credit: Kraig Becker

Implementation and capacity

The other defining feature of a Yeti product is performance. The company has set the standard to maintain the content of its cold refrigerators for long periods of time. That’s true for Roadie 48 too, which in my test was able to keep the ice frozen for as long as five days, even in the chilling weather conditions. When it is not used in extreme heat and humidity, it would expect the cooler to act even better.

The Yeti Roadie 48 offers plenty of space for food, drinks, ice and other items as well. Officially, the refrigerator can carry up to 42 cans of beverages, with space left for ice. Mixing and pairing canned drinks and food for a camping trip still allows a lot of load, but for those who need a little extra room, Yeti also offers the largest Roadie 60 Wheeled Cooler. This model of greater capacity offers the same characteristics as your brother but with 12 liters plus load space. Both versions send a basket to help with the organization and keep dry products separate from the ice.


The Yeti Roadie 48 sells for $450, which is expensive even for Yeti standards. That makes it a product that is not for everyone, since obviously there are less expensive options that will fill the needs of most consumers. But, like with other high-end outdoor gears, those who need and appreciate the level of performance offered here will find that this cooler is worth every penny. Most people don’t need to keep the ice frozen for days in the field, but if you fall into the category of someone who does (a overlander, hunter, fisherman, etc.), you will be very pleased with what Yeti has done here. Adding the wheels is the ice on the cake, which makes it easier to get to Roadie and from the campsite.

For more information on the Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler, visit the website of the company.

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